Food Council: Raw Seafood Policy Change

The TRA and it’s Food Council Members were successful in making a revision to this ordinance in Fort Worth.  Previously the City of Fort Worth required a temperature reading of 34 degrees in fresh seafood cases.  The national guideline is 41 degrees.  Below is the ruling. 

Message from Wyndie Turpen, RS
Consumer Health Superintendent/Code Compliance for the City of Fort Worth

"I am writing in response to your request to consider revising the City of Fort Worth Ordinance Ch. 16 as it applies to the temperature at which raw seafood should be stored. I have reviewed your request and the materials you submitted. In addition to your data, I sought guidance from both the FDA and DSHS, and reviewed data published by the seafood and fishing industry. 

As a result of this research, I will be moving forward on your request to regulate raw seafood as recommended by the FDA at 41˚ F.  After discussing this information with the Assistant Director of Code Compliance, Elmer De Paula, we have decided this change will be implemented immediately by policy and has already been shared with the team of Sanitarians/Inspectors, here in Fort Worth.  Elmer and I will be seeking an ordinance revision to support this policy change, which I expect to complete in 2020.

I do still highly recommend raw seafood be held closer to 38˚F, if possible, and preferably frozen to safeguard against all pathogens. This recommendation is based on the Fish and Fishery Products Hazards and Controls Guidance August 2019 edition.

Please forward this to your colleagues so they are aware of our policy change and they will have my contact information moving forward."


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