HR and Telemedecine Resources Available from Marsh Wortham

As the country and economy start ramping back up, businesses will struggle with extremely complex human resource decisions. Marsh Wortham has developed additional HR Resources available for TRA members to access in a variety of areas. For example:

• Being cautious not to discriminate against certain classes of employees who may have pre-existing medical conditions;
• Understanding if someone is entitled to unpaid versus paid leave;
• Understanding whether that person may or may not claim unemployment; and,
• Recognizing whether or not the individual can be terminated.
• Conducting Onsite Health Screenings

Marsh Wortham is also offering some Non-Insurance benefits to members that would be helpful for those employee’s not able to afford comprehensive medical coverage. Any employee class (full-timers, part-timers, 1099’s) can access these benefits. Benefits to give employees access to a $0 consult fee Telemedicine service for the entire family, EAP, Doctors Online where they can email into doctors and Pharmacy/Lab Testing Savings for $6.00 Per Employee Per Month.

The package covers the primary employee, their spouse, and all legal dependents. The benefits do not follow the same rules/regulations as insurance. Employers such as Retail/Restaurants/Hospitality with employees with variable working hours have no restrictions on eligibility for these products since they are non-insured. If the employer is paying for the employee then they are eligible even if they are variable hour, seasonal, retiree, etc.

This is a program we can make available for any TRA members. This package emphasizes discounts for medical care for those with no or very little medical coverage since many will need access to these type of services due to the current situation. Of course the more comprehensive medical and ancillary coverages we have previously discussed will be provided to you as well once our marketing is done as an offering to the membership.

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