Texas Retailers Association Board of Directors

Executive Committee (2021-2022)  Effective September 1, 2021 (Updated)
Theresa Flores, Board Chair, Mary Kay
Meredith Preloh, Vice-Chair, Lowe's Home Improvement
Christy Lara, Food Council Chair, Albertsons Companies
Luke Gustafson, Immediate Past Chair/Life Member, Brookshire Brothers
Jason Cooper, TREF Board Chair, Brookshire Grocery Company
Douglas Read, TFDS Representative, HEB
Dan Lopez, Large Retail Representative, Best Buy
Tracey Hester, Large Retail Representative, Target
Tiffany Williams, Small Retail Representative, Luggage Shop of Lubbock
John Raney, Small Retail Representative, Texas Aggieland Bookstore
TRA Directors (term ending 2022)
Luke Gustafson, Director Brookshire Brothers

Steve Brophy, Director, Dollar General
Carrol Cox, Director, Cox's Foodarama
Rebecca Acuna, Director, Pepsico
Leigh Ann Hernandez, Director, Neiman-Marcus
Meredith Preloh, Director, Lowe's 
Rex Solomon, Director, Houston Jewelry
Charles Miller, Director, Macy's
Theresa Flores, Director, Mary Kay
Joe Stalnaker, Director, Avangard Innovative
Christy Lara, Director, Albertson;s Companies
Ivan Jaime, Director, Walmart

TRA Directors (term ending 2023)
Tracy Hester, Director, Target
John Raney, Director, Texas Aggieland Bookstore
Dan Lopez, Director, Best Buy
Tiffany Williams, Director, Luggage Shop of Lubbock
Donovan Pepper, Director, Walgreens

Non-Voting Members of TRA Board
John McCord, Executive Director, Texas Retailers Association
Kerri Camp, Honorary Director, University of Texas - Tyler
Barbara Stewart, Honorary Director, University of Houston - College of Technology

Non-Voting Life Directors
Connie Yates, Life Director, Albertsons/Tom Thumb/Safeway - Retired 2019
Amber Gustafson, Life Director, Amber's Designs - Past Chair (2016-2018)

Board Member Resources
TRA By-Laws
Board Member Job Description
TRA Anti-trust Statement