Tax/Lege Committee

The Tax/Lege Committee is comprised of Texas Retailers Association members that are interested in participating in the lobbying efforts for issues that are of concern to the retail community. 

TRA fought very hard to pass good legislation and to kill bad bills that would have been detrimental to our members and industry. On balance, TRA had a good legislative session, getting key TRA priorities passed into law, playing effective defense on potentially harmful bills, and leaving a few key issues to continue to be worked on during the interim. Overall, 7,324 bills were filed during the 86th Texas Legislature and 1,429 of them were passed. TRA actively tracked over 550 bills and hundreds more amendments directly impacting the retail industry.

  • Protecting the Retail Industry: TRA took a leading role and successfully negotiated or defeated many issues impacting retailers that were proposed and discussed at length during the 86th Legislative Session. Many of these issues would have been very problematic for our members and industry. They include:
    • Reducing the Sales Tax Prepayment Allowance
    • Sales Tax Increases and Expansion
    • Burdensome Data Privacy Requirements
    • New Food Labeling Requirements
    • Billboard Regulation
    • Prescription Drug Issues
    • ID Verification

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